Industrial motors

Flexible and individual


The division industrial motors includes development, construction, production and sales of mainly asynchronous three-phase motors. Emphasis is not made on the manufacture of standard motors and mass production, we rather try to solve together with our customer his individual drive needs. We construct independently of quantities - we mainly build single units and small series, and this in shortest delivery times.

The motor production of Kräutler has an individual character. Nothing hand-me-down, everything tailor-made, what requires a good deal of flexibility. The large amount of special constructions from Kräutler proves our force, to respond to customer-specific requests. This diversity of variants induces us to improve our products day by day and to optimise permanently our production flow. The key-point is nevertheless a good working global system - from the first contact with the customer over construction and production, right up to the commissioning of the drive unit.

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Division Industrial Motors

Kräutler supplies asynchronous motors as special mechanical and electrical solutions, water-cooled motors, synchronous reluctance motors, torque and coiling motors, motors for hoisting gears and electric drives for the car industry.

Our industry motors

The Industrial Motor Division of the company Kräutler is skilled in developing special mechanical and electrical solutions for the specific drive motor needs of the customer.

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