WA 4,3 AC

Easiest mounting when changing-over from diesel motor, existing propeller can be used in a large part. The propeller thrust is transmitted to the fixed bearing, a clamp coupling makes the machining of the shaft unnecessary. With the new three-phase motor absolutely maintenance-free. Continuously adjustable.
Power input 5000W
Power output 4300W
Voltage 48V
Current 104A
Efficiency 85%
Weight 44kg
Glider / Displacement Displacement
For Saltwater suited yes
Max. Tonnage Sailing Ship (Freshwater) 4.3t
Max. Tonnage Sailing Ship (Saltwater) 2.15t
Max. Tonnage Powerboat (Freshwater) 1.72t
Max. Tonnage Powerboat (Saltwater) 0.86t

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